Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Being Blocked Again

In the last month, I have again found myself stuck in the mud of writing. Instead of jotting off numerous responses to job postings, I find myself stuck.

I can’t answer one posting. The words are like sticky peanut butter, just don’t flow like fine wine. I have trolled the rivers of friends and colleagues. I looked endlessly for the reasons why. But the answers I get are almost worst: "It’s really hard work; It takes a lot of time" OR, "I’m contacting or interviewing 5-7 companies a day". All these last comments made me feel inadequate, lacking in confidence and insecure.

The fact I am discovering, is that you just have to focus your time, get away from home and determine where you have the most matches and write up a cover letter that is not too long. I hope to keep the ball rolling and build on my own every day – 3 packets a day.

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