Saturday, April 30, 2011

In Praise of Styles

What can you do if your client won’t let you restyle their blog but the client insists you to add a button to their blog? I faced this dilemma recently.
The answer in this case was a table. (How awful you say!)
Here’s the code. You have to hit the little Edit HTML tab and insert the following where you want the button to appear. For this example I have used a link to my web design site.

Pretty ugly right?

Alternatively you can use an image, then the code looks like this and you have to upload a graphic.

But with styles you can do so much more and use less code.
Styles are a good thing. Upgrades and standards make design easier and give you more flexibility.

I have decided to stop complaining about having to learn new things like CSS3 and HTML5. Why would a whiner stop complaining you ask? The answer is, I realized that a button would be easy to add with styles. Trying to do it without styles, going back two Internet generations, was hard work and the results were less satisfying.

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