Friday, May 27, 2011

Invest in updating the Intranet, alert employees about updates

Sometimes SME’s (Subject Matter Experts) are reluctant to put the effort into updating the Intranet. Excuses I’ve heard:
  • “They’ll only call anyway.”
  • “People here only read email.”
  • or my favorite, “I don’t have time, I am too busy taking calls.”
Is the corporate Intranet worth the investment? Yes it’s cheaper than printing out brochures, and easy to update. It’s no replacement for face time but it allows you to share timely information. It’s available 24x7.

Empower employees to own the content and keep it current. Make it clear, and easy to understand.

Avoid including content about accomplishments. It’s not a monthly report. It’s about giving people the information they need to do the job.

Finally, alert people to new content with updates or emails telling employees
  • how they can use the new information
  • how it helps them do their jobs
  • link to the website for the specifics
You’ll start getting feedback that the update subscriptions are useful and doesn’t that mean that users are going to the website?


  1. Wiki pages are a great tool for intranet. They are easy to implement and everyone can contribute. I've put together HTML pages (with Javascript forms and some PHP) for my division a few years ago; our intranet site was hard to maintain and never really current. I think Wiki makes more sense. What's your experience?

  2. I agree. I think most companies and even individuals use Content Management Systems or wiki's for Intranets.