Thursday, June 9, 2011

Is There an iCloud in My Future or Yours?

Steve Jobs keeps making iPads, iPhones, and Macs more seductive.

Take the time to watch the keynote address that Jobs and his lieutenants delivered early in June at Apple's World Wide Developers' Conference.
I've been working on my Apple resistance lately. Do I really need that iPad? Can't I make do with the computers I have already? At a certain point, I know I'm going to succumb. Recently I've tried to swear my allegiance to Google. When my hard disk crashed recently, I was very grateful to Google for having all of my email and my contacts in its cloud. I love being able to look at my Gmail while I'm online at any computer or while I'm using Google Voice. When I look at the traffic patterns on Google Maps, I'm thrilled finally to have good information about whether to take Highway 101 or 280 into San Francisco. But the iPad is so seductive…and It somehow seems easier, friendlier….
My resistance isn't going to last much longer.

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