Thursday, August 2, 2012

The beginning and the end... or at least, the pause

The adventure started nearly two years ago when Marie, Terri, Susyn, Susan, and I met at a career development meeting. We were all in search of a new beginning, and decided that the road would be easier if we joined forces. Week after week, we supported each other in defining then chasing our career goals.

As varied as our experiences and target jobs may have been, we had common aspirations. And so the idea came up of starting this blog, where we would all contribute our reflexions on a subject we were all passionate about: words and communication.

The blog provided a space where we could gather portfolio pieces and write new pieces highlighting our skills, strengths, and experience in each of our professions.

Beyond these individual contributions, we constructed a mini mosaic of opinions on topics such as story telling or voice, on which we would successively write, bringing to the table either a nuance or a radically different point of view with each new post.

Writing down and sharing our thoughts through this blog served as powerful starting blocks from which we all sprung into new adventures and rewarding activities.

The goal has now been met--we are well on our way along our respective paths, and have thus decided that we would no longer update Words Et Cetera. We want to keep this blog open, however, as the demonstration of a successful and empowering collaboration. And as every writer knows, the itch of writing some more is never far... The "end" may really just be a pause...

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